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This is version 0.1 of a little robot based on a Dagu Wild Thumper with a Raspberry Pi, two Pololu G2 motor controllers and an RC battery. Motors have been replaced with 99:1 gear ratio for better slow control. (the wires look like they touch the hot chips in the photos but they are routed away from hot chips during assembly).

There is an First Person View interface through the Raspberry Pi Camera using a python web server on the Pi running over Wifi with video through ffmpeg and JSmpeg. The Robot can be controlled by an Xbox controller by plugging into the PC USB jack.

The arm is a Lynxmotion system with an Acrobotics gripper. The Pi controls the arm servos and G2 motor controllers using the pigpio project which allows Pulse Width Modulation on the Pi GPIO pins.

It uses lots and lots of custom made wiring using Pololu wiring and connection / crimping supplies. The servos are powered by a Pololu 6v regulator and the Pi by an Adafruit UBEC regulator + usb connector parts. This goes through a simple custom circuit board with a lot of soldering and paper-clip circuits on the back. (I know it looks like the wires touch the hot chips but they don’t when assembled). The electronics are all attached to the underside of the Thumper top, and the default Dagu wiring has been rebuilt with XT60 connectors that plug into the topside for assembly.

Future plans:

  • Upgrade Pi regulator to Pololu 5v 5a regulator
  • Connect Pi to Pololu G2 controllers using data instead of RC
  • Upgrade wifi range with a usb dongle + antenna,
  • Add multi-watt LED with LED driver
  • Add Pololu current detector, to estimate battery charge
  • Improve html interface
  • Clean up wiring



That looks awesome! Great job. Thank you for sharing. Your future plans sound like neat improvements as well; I’m excited to see more updates!