LCD no longer working on Orangutan X2 with VNH3

I have been working happily with an Orangutan X2 (VNH3) and LCD display for some time now but, having unplugged the cable to the LCD to pack things away before Christmas, on reattaching the display it no longer works. The Orangutan X2 board behaves otherwise normally and the LEDs change in intensity when I plug the LCD cable into the Orangutan X2 board but I never get any characters on the display. One thing that I know is wrong is that I have accidentally broken off the LED next to the reset button on the Orangutan X2 board. I had assumed this would only cause me a minor inconvenience but could it be responsible for the LCD display not working? Re-affixing the LED will be difficult as the leads from the LED are broken off (so I would need to source a new actual LED to fix it).

Advice welcomed.


Hello, Rob.

There are 3 LEDs beside the reset button; which one did you knock off? Could you post photos of your Orangutan X2 that clearly show the missing LED and the connections to the LCD? Was the LCD working before you disconnected and packed everything away?

- Jeremy

Aaaaah, that explains in. A less rushed examination shows that I’ve actually knocked off the R7 trimpot that controls the LCD contrast. Slapping a 4.7k resistor across there seems to do the trick. Now to go find one small enough to actually mount there.



Hi Rob.

Thanks for letting us know what the problem with the LCD was. Good luck finding a potentiometer.