My 3Pi LCD dont work. I try samples, no warnings, no errors, download ok, but LCD is death.
When i try some my short BASCOM code and then download hex to 328p, LCD work fine.

Any idea?


What are you using to compile and load the examples? It sounds like your 3pi LCD works, but only if you load the Hex file; is that correct? If that is the case, can you try loading the hex file for the 3pi Demo program after you compile it? If you get any errors or pop-up warnings while compiling, can you take a screenshot and post it here?


Hello Derril,

I try demo/samples for Lcd and compile in Studio 4 and in Studio 7. Result is the same.
No warning no errors.
I go to library file and check pinout for 3pi lcd connection, but is ok. My 3pi robots are original, i didnt made any electrical corrections/changes.



Now i se two errors, but i dont now what it is.
Please help.

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Hello, Peter,

From your screenshot, it looks like you can successfully build your example; I do not see any errors indicated. Can you post a screenshot showing the errors?



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Hello, Peter.

Thank you for posting that screenshot. Those are known errors when using AVR Studio 4. Can you try compiling that same example in Atmel Studio 7 and see if the errors go away?


Hello Derrill,
when using AVR 7 then this errors go away, but LCD does not work. You can see in movieā€¦

My Movie.mp4 (2.96 MB)

Thank you for the video; it was very helpful. From the video, it looks like there might be a bad connection in the LCD itself. If you send an email with your order information to referencing this forum post, and we can look into helping you with a replacement LCD.

If you want to try fixing the one you have, you could try removing the bezel that holds the LCD part to the circuit board and cleaning the contact points with isopropyl alcohol, then reassembling the LCD.


i have 10 pcs 3Pi robot, and all have the same problem. Today one of them start working, but after i touch LCD display they stoped. I dont have any idea ??
But when i wrote some BASCOM code and downloaded, then LCDs work OK.

If you have 10 3pi robots with the same issue it seems much less likely that there is a connection issue in the LCDs themselves. It sounds like you are saying that your LCDs are working on all of your 3pi robots when you run this BASCOM code but not when you are running the examples; is that correct?

So I can tell what might be happening, can you take a video of your entire process where you show how you can get the LCD to misbehave and then how you get it to work again?

Can you also post your BASCOM code? Lastly, can you measure the voltage of each of your batteries and tell me what those voltage are?