Latest Arduino library (Encoders)

Can you please point me to latest “Arduino library” that I can use with Encoders?
The only Arduino library I found was at: … e_id=0J521

But this library is from 2011 and does not support Aurduino-Mega-2560.


  • I was able to interface with Arduino-Uno using above library but Mega-2560 does not work with encoders.



Our PololuWheelEncoder library does not currently support the ATmega2560. It is possible to modify the library so that it will work with the Arduino Mega, however, it would probably be easier to use some of the existing encoder libraries listed on the Arduino’s website. Also, you might find this encoder library useful.

- Amanda

Hi Amanda,
Thanks for the reply.

Which Arduino board is supported By Pololu for two encoders interface ? (e.g, to drive a vehicle)

Auduino-Uno can only support one encoder.


It is not clear to me what you mean by the “Arduino-Uno can only support one encoder”. Can you explain why you think that?

- Amanda

Arduino Uno only has two pins that are external interruptible (pin 2 and pin 3).
Each encoder needs two interruptible pins.
Hence UNO can work with only one encoder.


All of the digital inputs on the Arduino Uno support pin change interrupts that can be used to read quadrature encoder signals (you just have to do a little extra processing in the ISR compared to the external interrupts).

If you want to use just external interrupts, you might consider one of our A-Star 32U4 Prime controllers, which have four available.

- Amanda

Thanks a lot Amanda.