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Latching solenoid driver?

I want to use a Raspberry Pi or such to drive a latching solenoid valve (e.g. Orbit 58874N). The original controller applies something like 4.5 A 10 ms pulse to it (it actually is a saw tooth with a 4.5 A peak and 15 ms linear drop). The DC resistance is 4.2 Ohm.

A DRV8833 or similar would be nice, but I am afraid the peak current will not suffice. The original controller uses 2 AA batteries and a large capacitor (2200 uF). Can you recommend a solution?

I can imagine that there is general demand by sprinkler control enthusiasts.


You could try our BD65496MUV motor driver carrier which can handle a 5 A peak current for a few milliseconds, but I think a motor driver might be overkill for you application since you do not need the bidirectional control. A simple low-side MOSFET might be sufficient.

If you decide to try out our driver or even just get something working with a simple MOSFET, we’d definitely be interested to hear more about it!


Thank you, I will look at that part.
I do need the H bridge to actuate the valve back and forth.

I measured current and voltage during valve action either original controller and the voltage peak is app. 22 V. The BD65496MUV motor driver allows up to 16 V :frowning:


Our TB9051 carrier might be a safer option if you really need to handle 22 V spikes. You might also try adding some large capacitors to see if that can help reduce the voltage spikes.


Thank you! The specs look good.

FYI, here is what the original driver puts out (CH1 100mV/A):

F0004TEK F0005TEK

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