Latched, color coded connector housings

I’m a BIG fan of Pololu’s “Wires with Pre-crimped Terminals”

The Pololu crimp connector housings are great for me in terms of spacing, variety, etc.

Sometimes, I just wish there was a housing that had a latch (thus polarity) and it would be make my life simpler taking apart and re-assembling some connections.

For example if I had a arduino MEGA shield with 2- 1x6 connectors, 1- 1x8 connector, 1 2x3 connector, 3- 1x4 connectors and 2- 1x2 connectors. It is relatively easy to pull all these connections loose. Also easy for vibration to pop out the smaller connections.

Pololu already sells a great variety of wire lengths, wire colors, various connector position sizes, etc.

How about some connector housings that are color coded and latched (polarized) that work with Pololu’s wires?

Call them Pololuized connectors ! :wink:


Thank you for the suggestions. We appreciate it when customers take the time to let us know about products or features they would like us to have. However, we do not have any plans to carry connectors like these at this time.