Laser cutting painted aluminum

I have in hand a Cheval enclosure with painted endpanels - 5052 aluminum, 1.44mm thick as measured with my calipers.

Is this something that you would be able to cut?

Thanks very much!

Karl Gabel

Hi Karl.

Unfortunately, working with customer-supplied items like this is not something we offer due to the risk involved. We might consider making an exception for a special high-volume order where destructive calibration on a few units would be practical, but this is not something we would want to do for small, one-time orders.

If you cannot find a shop that will cut onto your aluminum end panel directly, you might consider having us laser-cut a template that you can use to transpose those cuts onto it yourself.


Bummer! Thanks for the reply - I can cut a laser cut template myself.
Unfortunately my laser is only 20 watts and will not work very well with
the gauge of aluminum on the enclosure.

We have a machine shop in-house but the time involved going through
the internal process is more of a hassle than it is worth for a quick prototype.

I was hoping to find a shop that would assist me in circumventing the
process. Your proximity to my location made your company attractive -
I am at JT4 up the street on Pilot Road.

:wave: :smile: I didn’t realize you were a neighbor! If you’d like to stop by our office, I’d be happy to discuss your project in person.

  • Arthur