Laser cut by Pololu #2

I posted a bit ago on a great laser cut job Pololu did for me.

I haven’t received it yet, but I am expecting another one any day. Arthur was extremely helpful. Thank again, Arthur. Fast, really fast.

So here is a rendering, and a link to my project page;

I’ll keep you updated.

Hey, Mike.

As always, I’m more than happy to help; thank you for the feedback! I look forward to seeing the progress on your project.

- Arthur

Still work in progress, Ill probably get another version cut soon, but looking good!


I agree, your robot is looking good! Also, I looked through your blog post and noticed you are using MC33926 motor drivers. Are you using our carrier?


I am using your carrier(s) for the moment. I intend to replicate them on my own board and combine it with the Arduino and a gyro as well.
(side note, please separate the invert signal on the dual carrier, otherwise not usable in 2 pin (pwm+dir) mode)

Latest software demo;

Thanks for your feedback. We have heard that recommendation before, and we plan to separately break out those pins for the next revision of that carrier.


I have not followed up in a while, too busy having fun.

2 X encoded 185 RPM geared motors, 2 regular non encoded 185 RPM geared motors
2 X 33926 speed controllers
mpu 6050 using DMP mode for AHRS / IMU
All on a custom prototype Arduino shield
Raspberry Pi 2 B
2 X 2200 mah 3S Lipo

Dead on accurate navigation. Full internet connectivity.
PID tuning:

first un-calibrated nav test:


Your robot does look like a lot of fun! Thanks for the additional pictures and the videos; I’m glad you were able to get around to posting!