Large 4 Digit VFD RTC Clock

Hey ,

This was a VFD clock I made not too long ago , its running a DS3231 RTC / arduino 328 and the VFD displays are multiplexed with the arduino controlling the 4 grids and a shift register controlling the segments .

Level shifting is done via 12 NPN/PNP level shifters , 4 for the grids , 8 for the segments .

Power is provided by 3 pololu DC-DC converters 3.3V for VFD cathodes , 5V for logic , 28V for VFD anodes , supply is 12V-15V with a total power draw of 6.5-7W

update time is 5mS per display in a 20mS window

Just have to stick it in its wooden case and its done : D .

IMG_1212[1] by TwirlyWhirly555, on Flickr

IMG_1214[1] by TwirlyWhirly555, on Flickr

IMG_1217[1] by TwirlyWhirly555, on Flickr

IMG_1219[1] by TwirlyWhirly555, on Flickr


I like the way you have created your own power supply daughter board. Thanks for sharing your project here!