L3G_CTRL_REG5 error on brian douglas video on youtube


i am using zumo robot version 1.2 which has L3GD20H 3-axis gyro on it.
when i am searching, i found the below video on youtube.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P1OEoA70YJo&t=429s .

when i compiled the arduino program which was described in the video, i get the error as “L3G_CTRL_REG5 was not declared in this scope” what should i do to remove this error?

can you please help me get through this!! :slight_smile:


I am sorry you are having trouble interfacing with the gyro on your Zumo robot. We have modified the names of the register addresses used in the L3G library since Brian Douglas made that video; you should replace L3G_CTRL_REG5 with L3G::CTRL_REG5.

If you continue to have trouble, I recommend testing your gyro with our example sketch, Serial.ino, which prints the raw 16-bit values to the Arduino IDE’s serial monitor.


it worked, thank you very much :relaxed: :relaxed: