Kyosho Blizzard Gearbox Replacement

I also have a Kyosho Blizzard FR dual motor gearbox (370 dc motors) and I found out that the gear box is running way too fast for this application. I would be interested to find a direct replacement gearbox that will slow down the rpm around 10 - 30 rpm that will run around 6v - 12v but with lots of torgues. I have searched the forums in the internet but no luck on threads how to slow down the oem kyosho gearbox
I am incorporating an OWI Arm Edge Robotic Arm with the Kyosho Blizzard Chassis to move like a tank with less speed.but more power on a budget. Everything seems to be working ok except the speed of the gearbox. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.


We are unaware of any direct replacements for the specific gearbox you mentioned. We do carry a variety of brushed DC motors (many with gearboxes) and we generally include specifications like rated voltage, current, speed, torque and physical dimensions on their product pages.

You might look through those to see if you find anything interesting.