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Kurukshetra 2012

India’s biggest techno-management fest is here!!! :slight_smile:
The first UNESCO-certified festival in the country, Kurukshetra of College of Engineering, Guindy, Anna University, is to be held from February 1 to 4, 2012. Epitomizing its very tagline, “the battle of the brains”, Kurukshetra has been the culmination of unmatched excellence and it aims to identify the best talents across various countries. Do you think you have the talent? Then what are you waiting for? Come, compete and conquer!!! :smiley:
Events Galore at Kurukshetra 2012:
• Debugging
• K!Millionaire
• Chaos Theory
• Poseidron
• Math Modelling
• Cerebra
• Peepli Live
• Electrowarriors
• Aero Modelling
• K!Idol
• Alcatraz
• Innovate
• Fox Hunt
• Rumble in the Junk
• Robowars
And many more, check out krk.org.in/1event for details!!!
Workshops @ Kurukshetra 2012
• Scalable Vector Graphics
• Learn Organize Lead
• Auto Anatomy
• Caricature
• Astrophotography
• Autobotics
• Self-balancing bots
For further details, Visit krk.org.in/1wrps
Guest Lectures
Want to hear the “Father of Wifi” Vic Hayes talk on “Innovation Journey of Wifi” or entrall yourself by ISRO scientist Veeraraghavan’s “Autonomous Access to Space – Opportunities and Challenges”. Join us at College of Engineering, Guindy or subscribe via Virtual Participation to be part of this unique experience!!
Find the other stalwart speakers by logging into krk.org.in/1gl

Fest date:Feb 1-4,2012
Website: krk.org.in/khome