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Jumper bundles

I do wish you’d offer multiple colors in your Wires with Pre-Crimped Terminals without buying such large quantities. I need say five 6" M-M, ditto M-F. Then five 12" etc.

I don’t care much which colors, but I do not need 50 of each gender & length and would like not be all one color in each bundle.

I think this is just how the industry works. I’d go ahead and buy a bundle of whatever quantity you can get. They do come in handy, and having extras is a plus. Besides, buying a reasonably sized bundle is not cost-prohibitive.

It’s not one bundle but multiple:

  • some F-F, some F-M, some M-M
  • Some 6" long, some 12" & others 3"

The permutations add up quickly.


Thank you for the product suggestion. Which colors would you want to be in the bundle? If others reading this also want lower-quantity multicolor packs, please let us know.


Not sure it matters that much which.

I have a preference for less common, i.e. skipping Red, Black, White in favor of Blue, Yellow, Purple, etc. just because the common ones get used so often people are more likely to have them already.