JRK Software

Perhaps I’ve confused the JRK with some of the other products I was researching, but is it not possible to command the JRK from a Visual Basic program? MY JRK21V3 works fine controlling my motor from the Configuration Utility, but I need to be able to do three things from a Visual Basic program via the USB port. Make the motor go clockwise, make the motor go counter-clockwise and stop the motor. I’ve read the Jrk USB Motor Controller User’s Guide and it discusses C# Source code, but are there no samples or examples for Visual Basic? Thanks.

No, we do not have any software examples for it, but you can control the jrk from Visual Basic.

The simplest solution for you is probably to download the Pololu USB Software Development Kit, compile JrkCmd, and then run the executable from your Visual Basic program whenever you need to change the speed of the motor.

If you want more direct control over the jrk, you could put your jrk in USB Dual Port mode and send Set Target serial commands to the virtual Command Port. Search for something like “visual basic serial port example” for information on how to use serial ports in Visual Basic.

Advanced users of VB .NET can compile the jrk-related assembly DLLs in the Pololu USB SDK, add them as references to their project, and then call the correct functions in those assemblies, using the JrkCmd source code as a guide (it’s written in C# so you have to translate everything in to the VB equivalent). This would let you use the jrk’s native USB interface which is nicer than virtual COM ports in a few ways.