JRK 12v12: potentiometer values not detected correctly


I have two JRK 12v12 controllers wired, each of them controlling a motor with feedback loop.
I tested both with the Jrk configuration utility: one is working perfectly, but the other is not.
The problem seems to be that the potentiometer values are not detected correctly.

With the jrk that works correctly, the curve showing the potentiometer values against the time follows each potentiometer movement very smoothly. See the attachment “ProperCurve.jpg”.

With the jrk that does not work, the potentiometer curve mostly shows the maximum value. Only sometimes when turning the potentiometer, the value briefly goes to zero and then returns to max. See the attachment “CurveOfNonWorkingJrk.jpg”.

I really have no idea what’s wrong here. Did I perhaps break the non-working JRK? And if so, how could this have happened?

Any hint is highly appreciated.

Thanks a lot in advance for any reply,

Hello, Markus.

Are you using analog feedback from the motor (like a potentiometer)? Can you try looking at the plot of the “Feedback” on each controller instead of the “Scaled feedback” to see how those compare to each other? Did you use the “Learn…” button in the “Feedback” tab of the Jrk Configuration Utility to calibrate your feedback? Also, can you post the settings file for each of your jrk controllers? You can save the settings file for each jrk by selecting the “Save settings file…” option within the “File” drop-down menu of the Jrk Configuration Utility (with the jrk connected).