Joystick/computer to computer/servo via internet


This sounds like a cool project, but I don’t think you’re going to inspire anyone here to do it themselves and write a complete tutorial for you. What you should do is break the project in to smaller pieces and learn how to write simple programs that do each of those pieces. Once you understand how the different pieces work, you should be able to make a complex program that integrates all of them. If you get stuck on something specific, then find the appropriate forum and ask a question about your problem.

We can help with connecting the Maestro to your slave 'puter. As a first step, you should try compiling and understanding the project named “MaestroExample” in the Pololu USB Software Development Kit.

As for the TCP/IP stuff, check out the Socket class in System.Net.Sockets.


You might also take a look at this thread. The author did pretty much exactly what you are talking about, though he does not have a tutorial up. He also posted a video of the final result.


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I’m not sure what you’re expecting to achieve by threatening to leave. Your initial post introduced a fairly ambitious project but included no indication of what was already working or any specific questions. David’s comment tried to move the discussion to something more specific; having a snit and proclaiming your lack of commitment to the discussion is not an effective way to motivate others to help you.

- Jan

yes- I agree with you- on all points-

I almost never think to look at the profiles, so that wouldn’t have changed much for me. I think David’s recommendation of starting with just controlling the Maestro from your slave computer is valid; do you already have that working, or is there a reason you don’t want to begin there?

- Jan





I’m not sure why you keep changing and deleting your old posts. Just so you and others don’t think we’re ignoring your complaints:

I think your concept of “support” is flawed. If you go to McDonald’s and they won’t sell you a pizza, that isn’t poor customer service (we’re basically selling hardware, the Micro Maestro, and you want some specific software). Given that the product that worked for you cost six times more than the Micro Maestro, your complaint is even more extreme, as if you went to a fast food place and complained that the hamburger advertised as a hamburger didn’t turn out to be the steak you wanted.

This isn’t to say that joystick control wouldn’t be nice to have, and we’ll look into adding some form of joystick support, but it’s not something we can add in a few days.

- Ben