Joystick Computer Micro Maestro 6

Hello, I am a beginer.

I want to connect an USB joystick to my computer to control the channels in the micro maestro via the computer.
There is any software to do that?
Should I connect my Joystick direct to the Maestro Board? Do I have to pre program the channels to do that?


Unfortunately, we do not have any software for using a Joystick connected to your PC to control the Maestro, though that is definitely on our to-do list. And you cannot plug a joystick directly into the Maestro in any way. If you have any experience programming, I recommend that you look up joystick control tutorials in your preferred language and consider doing it yourself.


Hi Paul,

I was wondering whether there is a keyboard key I could use to control the servo bars in the control center for the Maestro. If there is one, I could use the application “Joystick Cursor Tool v2.21” to connect the joystick to the board.

The ideal situation is to have a different keyboard key controlling each bar which would allow me to move the bars with the joystick. That is not an elegant solution, but it would work fine.

By the way, there is any target release date for the software that allows Joystick connected to PC to control the Maestro?


I understand what you are asking for, but those bars are not currently accessible by keyboard. We will probably add some kind of joystick support the next time we update the Maestro software, but there is no specific date planned for that, and it could be months from now.


Was the addition of joystick use the the Maestro ever created?
I’m seeing some talk about TrackSkull with VSA as a potential option to controll the Maestro w/ a joy stick but I am unclear why the VSA is needed in the configuration…


We do not provide any software for controlling the Maestro with a joystick, but you could write your own software or check out the resources provided in this thread: