JARVIS 2000 , ironman themed custom tomy omnibot 2000

I started gathering parts for this project last year and quickly began physically modding my Omnibot 2000 I purchased around Christmas time for 150 bucks. The goal is to make a development platform I can learn and develop on. I had the body painted Liquid Red and raised the Omnibot 2000 height by about 17 inches I believe. I molded in many ultrasonic sensors and a arc reactor and 3 lcd screens in the front. One for battery/power , another fan cooling and temp and the large 7 inch is the monitor for the PC. The robot has a place for a mini itx computer and PSU w HD inside.

This is the parts of the body stacked , not actually assembled right now…

Right now I’m working to install all the equipment in the chest and get those things in place. Right now I’m working the get the white bar… A 40 segment blue led bar to light when it hears sounds. This will light just like a VU meter when the robot makes sounds or plays music. In the chest here is the equipment… LCD unit monitors voltage, batt temp, wattage, and current. Beside the power LCD is a IR motion detector. Below that a 40 segment blue led VU meter. A Blue ray DVD USB Drive , arc reactor prop, below that a 7 inch LCD molded into the abdomen.


That sounds like an awesome project. Thanks for sharing! We’d love to hear updates on your progress.

- Jamee