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I just got my very first 3pi Wireless Robot Set II and not sure about the topic of my issue
and the title of my subject :).

I uploaded the slave.hex to the robot with success but when I try to move the robot
wirelessly using the 3pi Robot Control Panel from my laptop, It doesn’t move.

  1. I think the robot is OK (I can read the word SLAVE on the LCD)
  2. I think also the BRD-USBXB-1 and the X-Bee are OK (because of the LEDs)…
  3. I think the Control panel is OK.

By a simple process of elimination, I think the problem could be something wrong
with the expansion board (BRD-EXP-PLLU3PI-ZB)or the XBee module on it.
Is there any procedure to determine if the expansion board is the problem?
I mean, can I try to move the 3pi using the control panel through the Pololu USB AVR Programmer?
Thank you,


That is a BiPOM kit, and the only parts in there made by Pololu are the 3pi and programmer. If you want to test the 3pi by itself, you could try loading various examples from the Pololu AVR Library, and you could certainly load our serial slave program and communicate with it using the programmer, but you would probably get better support if you asked the people at BiPOM for help with it.


I just posted my issue at BIPOM’s forum. Thank you, Wilfredo