Issues using D24V5F5 Voltage Regulator when powering servos

I recently purchased the D24V5F5 to use in my project and I just plugged it in to power my servos. Unfortunately something isn’t working, my setup is as follows.

I have the logic lines of the servos connected to pints 9, 10, 11 on an arduino uno. The power cables are connected into one that goes to the D24V5F5. The ground of the servos is connected to the ground of the arduino.

I’m powering the D24V5F5 with 16V from my bench power supply.

The issue:
When the servos are connected to the D24V5F5 for power, one moves erratically and the rest don’t move at all. The current draw on the bench power-supply shows 0.00A

Things I’ve tested:
Measured the voltage coming from the D24V5F5 and it is 4.9V.
The current draw of my servos - 0.05A all together when connected to the bench power-supply.
I connected the servos to the bench supply directly and with that setup everything works fine.
I’ve continuity checked all the connections and everything seems connected.

Follow Up
Anticipating problems I also bought the S9V11F5 Step-Up/Step-Down Voltage Regulator. With it everything works great. I’m still curious though, why doesn’t my setup work with the other Voltage Regulator?


Can you post some pictures of your test setup and more information about the servos you are using, like a datasheet or a link to where you got them. Are there any other changes between when you tested the D24V5F5 and the S9V11F5 (e.g. did you use a different supply voltage or were your running a different program)?

- Patrick


Sorry for the late reply. My setup is just as I described it, it follows the pin description. The power supply positive goes to vin and the ground to gnd. For the servos, the positive goes to vout and the ground to gnd. The issues are independent from the code.

Since one regulator is working and another is not, my leading suspicion is that there might be an issue with one or more of your connections. It might be something subtle, so can you post some pictures of your actual setup and we will look for possible issues?

- Patrick