Issues programming babyO - mega168

I have been sucessfully programming and running a small bot using my babyO with Mega168. The last time I connected it to change some code I got the “…error occured make sure clock frequency is below 1/4…” “and the ISP connector seems to be connected the wrong way” -even though those settings are OK and the cable is connected right. I compiled the same program with appropriate changes for my mega48 babyO and it loaded just fine. I made no intentional changes to fuses, et al, but I did notice that my connection to PIN 1 on my porgramming cable was loose and might have touched another wire. Right now it powers up, I get all green on the AVRISP but as soon as I click program I get the flashing orange LED. Does something need reset and if so how. Any thoughts are appreciated.



Just an update:

It moves through the steps of reading the flash and setting mode and device parameters, but fails when it enters programming mode. I can read the voltage, but not the signature…not sure if that is helpful.