Issues controlling motors with Baby O

Hi, I just purchased a baby O with two micro metal 210:1 motors. I am a CS major, but have never touched AVR or other microcontrollers, and am having trouble understanding the motor control. As a test, I am running a program that simply calls set_motors(255,255) in an infinite loop to run the motors.

I am encountering two issues. First, one motor is spinning ever so slightly faster than the other. Second, both motors are running at a speed much lower than their max. At first, I thought it was a power issue in that I could not supply enough current with the battery I was using. However, after testing multiple power sources, there is little change.

I am thinking that the issue may be related to the pwm control, but I simply do not have enough knowledge on the subject to say for sure.

I do not have an oscilliscope, so I have just been checking voltages at the motor using a multimeter, and am seeing around .7V on one, and .9 on the other. I am not sure if this is an inacurate reading due to pwm.

Thank you for any suggestions you may offer!

Hello, Neill.

Can you post your full program and describe your setup (e.g. what are you using as your power source, what else is in your system, and how is everything connected)? A picture would probably also help.

- Ben