Issue with test program and X2

I recently purchest two X2’s and finaly got round to running the test program.
One of them when in the motor mode when i turn the pot both motors LED’s are green or both are red(with varying voltage depending on pot).
with my other X2 however when i turn the pot towards 0x00 the right sides red LED turns on and there is no LED on the left. If i turn the pot towards 0xFF the left green LED is on and there is no LED on the right side of the daughter board. (multimeter shows changing positive varying voltage depending on pot on left motor when green LED is on and 0 when no LED on that side is on. multimeter shows negavie voltage varying depending on pot on the right side when the RED LED is on and 0v when when no LED on that side negative is on)

Another thing i noticed is during power ups sometime the same X2 only beeps once during startup and when in motor mode the pot does not change the led’s.

Both X2’s are as they came out of the box.

is this normal? i was under the impression all X2’s where loaded with the same test program before shipping. is something wrong with the other X2?

There is only one X2 test program, so both units should be behaving the way the first one you described is. It seems unlikely that the incorrect behavior you describe would have made it through our testing procedure; can you look closely at the unit to see if anything appears damaged? Did you try taking the motor driver daughter board off the malfunctioning X2? If so, are you sure you plugged it back in correctly?

What are you using as your power source? Can you make sure it still behaves strangely with a freshly charged set of batteries?

- Ben

i have not taken the daughter board off like i said all i did was open the box take it out of the bubblerap and blace it on a non conductive surface, plug in the LCD, plug in 12v leads and turn on.
powersuply is a regulated constant 12v psu that can deliver over 30A so charged battery’s probably wont help but ill put out a set just to make sure. only thing connected to the PSU was the X2.
tested with 7cell NiCad cp2400’s fully charged same issue.

There are some marks on the bottom of the main boards PCB that are not on the functioning X2 only thing i can think of that would cause them is the IDC connector that was in the same bubble rap bag as the X2. The X2 has not been placed on anything that could cause any marks to its PCB. The marks do not look bad enough to cause issue but you never know.
I have not taken off the daughter board so i cant check for damage under the board.
see … CF7440.jpg for most of the marks i was talking about that do not appear on the the other x2.

EDIT at 7:50pm Monday local time for me from memory 12:50AM (midnight) Monday morning Las Vagas time. As there is such a bad time difference between the two locations i thought i would add a few extra details i can think of as i need this issue resolved asap a competition is at state.
As implied at the start of this post nothing has ever been plugged into the motor lines or any I/Oport.
The 12v supply is stable. It has powered 2 seperate baby-o’s. and a few other boards running atmega128’s as well as various other non microcontroler IC’s using 5v regulators
i do not have access to a cro at this point in time.
i have been careful with the X2 and know how to handle electronic components.

Can you try reloading the X2 firmware on the unit that seems to be malfunctioning? There are instructions for doing this under the resources tab of the product page. If this doesn’t work, please contact us directly about this issue.

- Ben