Issue with Roboclaw 2x30 A

Hi there!

I have a Roboclaw 2x30 A and two 60 rpm HD planetary motors. The problem I have is this: I choose RC control, with mixing, because I want to move the motors forwards and backwards only with one channel. But after saving the settings and resetting the roboclaw, only one motor spins. The only way to get the other motor to spin is to go to pwm settings, check the acceleration box and move the slider up. That way both motors spin when I use the transmitter, but every time I power offf the roboclaw and power it on again only one motor spins. Am I missing something?



Hello, Iñigo.

It is not entirely clear why that is happening. I recommend contacting the manufacturer, Basic Micro (formerly Ion Motion Control).


Thanks Jon, I’ll do that.