Issue using Arduino IDE

Hi -

I just received a 3Pi and the Pololu USB AVR Programmer. I was planning on using the Arduino IDE but I ran into a problem. I then switched to the Pololu AVR Development Bundle and was able to get started. Still I am curious if anyone else has had an issue in getting the Arduino IDE configured so that it would program the 3Pi. I followed the instructions as posted in the Programming Orangutans and the 3pi Robot from the Arduino Environment guide. The problem was encountered during the upload process.

Any help would be appreciated…


Could you tell us what step of the instructions you are having trouble with, and the exact error that you encountered? (You can post a screenshot of the error message if you like.)

- Kevin

Hi Kevin -

I figured out the problem that I was having. It turns out that the boards.txt file that is available for download from the Pololu site is incomplete. It only includes the information for the orangutan168.

One I included the information, the problem was solved. Hopefully you can update the boards.txt file!

Thanks for the reply -


Thanks for pointing that out. I updated the guide a few months ago to work with Arduino 0021, but apparently I forgot to update boards.txt and programmers.txt, so they were still based on the files from a much older version. Sorry about that; I’ve fixed them now, so you might want to download them again if you originally downloaded the older ones from our site.

- Kevin