Issue connecting SH2141-5511 motor and BS1D200P10 driver

Hi Guys, I’ve recently purchased a SANYO denki bipolar stepper motor (SH2141-5511) and motor driver (BS1D200P10), and need to rotate a shaft coupled with numerous temp/humidity sensors (Sensirion SHT31s). I would like to move the motor a complete rotation (200 steps) CW and then CCW continuously via the use of raspberry pi 2 model B or Arduino. I’ve coupled all the basic power and motor cables, however need some advice/help with the I/O connections of the driver to microcontroller. I’ve read the supplied doc., however still having difficulty connecting and getting the motor to work - … 32f0f2.pdf. Pg20-21 details the steps and spec summary of I/O signals. Any help will be appreciate.

I recently purchased a Sanyo Denki stepper motor (SH2141-5511) and motor driver (BS1D200P10), with the aim of rotating a shaft coupled with sensors (Sensirion SHT31s). I would like to rotate the shaft (200 steps) in the CW and CCW direction in a loop, controlled via Arduino or raspberry pi 2. I’ve connected the motor and power cables, however, am having issues with connecting the I/O of the motor to the microcontroller. The driver data sheet that I’ve referred to is provided below @
Any help will be appreciated.


I moved your posts from our “Pololu Motor Controllers/Drivers and Motors” sub-forum to the “Electronics” sub-forum because it sounds like you are not using any of our motors or drivers. We do not manufacture the stepper motor driver you are asking about, so we are not very familiar with how it works. However, I did take a quick look through the pdf you linked to, and it seems like the lowest current limit you can set the driver to is 0.5A, which is higher than the rated current of the coils on the stepper motor you mentioned you want to control (which looks like 0.3A per coil). Allowing a stepper motor to draw more current than its coils are rated for will damage the stepper motor, so I do not think your setup will work.

You might try using one of our stepper motor drivers to control that stepper motor. They will allow you to set lower current limits that are closer to 0.3A. You might be particularly interested in the DRV8824, which is better suited for stepper motors with a lower current rating for their coils.


Thanks Jon. I appreciate your help.