Isolated output

Do any of the regulators provide an isolated output?

Isolated from what?

From the input, what else could it be isolated from? As in the + and - of the input and output are not common to each other. To put it another way, if you measure voltage from the output plus to the input minus you read zero.

You must be thinking of a DC to DC converter or AC to DC converter, which in the input-isolated case will necessarily have a transformer.

Who are you? There’s versions of buck regulators that use a transformer in place of the inductor to produce an output isolated from the input. I am only asking if their product line has one in it.

Why have you not bothered to look through the product line?

There aren’t that many under “regulators” and you could hardly ask for more detailed product descriptions.


Hi, @trotterlg.

We do not have any regulators with isolated output.

- Ryan

Thanks something like that would be very useful especially for battery or super capacitor charging.