Is Wixel right for me?

I am trying to send several sensors worth of data simultaneously from an arduino to my computer (specifically into Max/MSP.) I have been using SimpleMessageSystem and things work just fine. I want to go wireless, and have been playing with XBees. So far, no luck. I’m thinking maybe Wixel is my savior… is it true that with a shield and two wixels I could go wireless without modifying any code?

I’m a bit of newbie, and appreciate any advice.

Hello, sisko445.

I’m not really sure what your code is doing so it’s hard for me to say whether you would need to modify it or not. If you are sending bytes to the computer using the Serial object and the built-in USB-to-serial adapter, and you are not sending them too fast for the Wixel to handle, then the answer is yes.


Are you using series 1 XBees? They work out of the box at 9600 baud non-inverted. It’s fairly simple to set them up for other baud rates and to change network IDs.

If you haven’t see them, here are two very useful XBee tutorials.