Is Wixel compatible with generic CC2500

searching for a good/reliable TI CC2500 compatible RF transmitter.
Can the Wixel be used to send data to any CC2500 client?

I know the CC2511 chip can do CC2500 communication but I’m not sure if the "Wixel"
has been programmed with it’s own protocol so that it is not compatible with a generic CC2500.

If the answer is yes, can the Wixel be outfitted with an external antenna to increase range?

I can’t make changes to the CC2500 client aside from what the sender can negotiate.
I have some documentation on the CC2500 settings and protocol, I will need to be able to send the expected protocol the client expects.

Some of the the CC2500 client params:
IF frequency of 253.9kHz
FREQ = 2420 MHz
CHANBW = 541.666 kHz
MSK modulation, 30/32 sync word bits
2 preamble bytes
CHANSPC = 199.951 kHz

Yes, we expect that the Wixel can be used to send data to any CC2500 client. There should not be anything about the Wixel that limits the radio settings available for the CC2511. The USB bootloader does not touch the radio, and there are no hard-burned-in fuse settings or anything like that affecting it.

We have had others suggest adding an external antenna, and it is something we are interested in, but it is not something we are likely to have any time soon. It might be possible to modify one of our current Wixel boards to add an external antenna, but working with RF signals can be tricky and I suspect it would be difficult to do. We have not heard of anyone who has been successful doing this.

Thanks, appreciate the fast response.

I agree about the antenna being a tricky addition,
RF is not my specialty it’s why I’m searching for a tested module in the first place.
The reason I asked is because on the SparkFun site someone mentioned a “U.FL to SMA cable” to connect the Wixel to an antenna but I’m not convinced it’s that simple.

Btw, nice products and nice site, found Polulu thanks to SparkFun reviews :slight_smile: