Is this wheel fit this motor?


This is my first time to build a robot I was choose a 30:1 Micro Metal Gearmotor as motor and Tamiya 70111 Sports Tire Set for as my wheel. I am not sure if both fit toghether specially the motor is a D shape shaft and if not what can I do ?

Another Questions
1- what different between micro and mini of this motor ?
2- Is the RPM in the datasheet is with the gear or not ?



That motor and wheel do not work together well, and we do not have a good solution for making them work together. I am not sure what you are asking in your first other question. For the second question, the speeds we give are typically of the final output shaft from the gearbox, not some intermediate shaft. If you want more specific answers, you will have to be more specific in your questions (for instance, all of our products have part numbers you could be citing).

- Jan

Thank you jan for your reply .
Do You know any wheel look like Tamiya 70111 Sports Tire can fit this motor?
My robot is outerdoor robot and I need the wheel diamter to be more than 5 mm


soory jan
I was talking about 993 (pololu item #)

30:1 is probably too low of a gear ratio for an outdoor robot with wheels that big (assuming you mean 5cm, not 5mm). If you want the look of the Tamiya tires, I don’t have anything else to recommend. However, we have a bunch of narrow wheels that work with the 3mm D shaft, and you could consider getting our universal aluminum hubs and using those to mount other wheels.

- Jan

Thank U jan for your response
I chose 30:1 considering the speed in reaility, But what other if it is low what do U suggest.
Ok can I use Can I use the hub with tamayia ??


You should probably go to at least 100:1. Using the hubs with various wheels will require you to drill holes in the wheels to match the hubs, and the difficulty of doing that will vary from wheel to wheel. It doesn’t seem impossible on the Tamiya sports tire set, but it doesn’t look particularly easy, either.

- Jan