Is this set up working with zumo?

I had use arduino yun with zumo, it does not working. now I want to make sure this combination is working with zumo. Could somebody help to answer?

Arduino UNO R3 Board Module With DIP ATmega328P(Blue)


Hello, John.

I am not familiar with that All-in-one Yun shield, so I do not know how well that might work. However, you can compare the Arduino pins used by the Zumo shield to those on that all-in one shield to see if there are any conflicts. You can find the “Arduino pin assignment table” in the “Pololu Zumo Shield for Arduino User’s Guide” (which is located under the “Resources” tab of the Zumo robot product page).

You would probably need to sandwich that shield in between the Arduino and the Zumo shield; please note that since we have not tested that shield, we cannot say with any certainty if it will fit properly.