Is there enouugh room under the platform on the Dagu 6WD for RBPi and motor control?

I have a rather elaborate idea for a surveillance robot, and I wonder if the Dagu might be the platform for me.

What I would like to know is if there is room under the top platform for a raspberry Pi, a motor control, and (4) 7.2 Volt batteries so that I can use the top of the platform for a turret mounted camera, and a spit wad canon.

The idea is to monitor the property and the crawl space under the house for varmints that have been very destructive. I would like to control the bot remotely via WiFi, and transmit live video to my phone or laptop. The original plan was to use a modified BB gun and do away with the varmints permanently, but then comes the issue of disposal (especially if it’s in the crawl space where I can’t get to it). So now the plan is to just scare the crap out of them, and hope they don’t come back.

A lot of variables in this project, I have been thinking about it since November, 17. I have learned a lot about Raspberry, Arduino, Python, etc. and I think I’m ready to roll.

Any ideas or comments are welcome.


Hello, Glen.

The space under the top platform might be tight once you also add in wires and connectors. For reference, the standoffs connecting the top layer to the rest of the chassis are about 30mm long, and the pockets between the motors are about 68mm by 141mm and 38mm deep.