Is there a way to simply record a series of Maestro movements?

I recently purchased a Micro Maestro 6-Channel USB Servo Controller and I have been playing around with the Maestro Servo Controller software. Is there a way to record the movements that I make with the sliders and play them back exactly the same speed and sequence that I move the sliders?

I understand that I can add frames, loop them, and play them back in a sequence…but I want a way to record all of the manual moves that I make and play them back exactly the same way. If this is not possible with the Maestro Servo Controller software are there any third party software applications that can do this?


The Maestro Control Center does not have the capability to record movements in real time, and we are not aware of any Maestro software that can do that. You could use the script option in the Maestro Control Center to adjust your servos movements and speeds after you have set up frames and send them to the “Scripts” tab from the “Sequence” tab by using the “Copy Sequence to Script” button, alternately you could just write scripts directly into the scripts tab in the control center. You can find information about the Maestro’s scripting options in the “Entering a Script” section of the " Pololu Maestro Servo Controller User’s Guide".

By the way, you might be interested in the VSA software from Brookshire. I do not think it allows for recording manual movements, but it does expand the control options for the Maestro, and it seems popular with people doing animatronics.


Thank you for the information. That VSA software is different than what I described but it actually sounds closer to what we have been looking for. Downloading their demo now.