Is there a problem for PC4 to activate a servo?

hay again!

I want to activate a servo using PC4 on my orangutan. but but it won’t work!
when I connected the servo to PC1 using the same code it did work! So, should I infer that PC4 is not capable to activate my servo?
I am using the code from orangutan lib for the servo.

PC4 should work just fine, can you post your code (just your part, not the Orangutan-lib files)?

Also, how are you connecting your servo to PC4? Are you plugging it right in to the PC4 header sockets? The left four header sockets on your Orangutan are always connected to the on-board 5V regulator, which isn’t really sufficient to power a servo (you might get some twitches, or none at all).


I’ll look in to that, thanks. the code is the exact code from the orangutan lib, servo-test.

I’ll let you know how if it works