Is there a "Dummies" guide for coding?

I have done some coding in Java and PHP in the past (many years ago and long forgotten). And I have ordered the Maestro 18 channel board for a project.

Is there a users guide or a tutorial, a ‘Dummies guide’ if you like, on how to write programmes for these??

I have read through the Maestro Servo Controller User’s Guide, and section 6 > Maestro Scripting Language. I think this ‘Users Guide’ assumes that the user has some programming knowledge already.

But I’m looking for something that will take me by the hand and walk me through so to speak.
Google in this case is not my friend, as searches don’t provide the answers.


Unfortunately, we do not have a step-by-step guide or beginner’s tutorial for the Maestro scripting language. All documentation for the Maestro scripting language can be found in the Maestro User’s Guide. You could try modifying some of the example scripts in the “Example Scripts” section using commands from the “Command Reference” section of the Maestro User’s Guide to get an idea of how the scripting language works. Also, it might be useful to use the “Step Script” button in the “Script” tab of the Maestro Control Center, which allows you to slowly progress through your script and see how each command affects the stack and subroutine levels.

Alternatively, since the Maestro scripting language is similar to FORTH, you might try searching for more in-depth documentation on FORTH (a stack-based programming language) to get a better understanding of the process flow of the Maestro scripting language.

- Amanda

Thanks Amanda for your help. It’s off to FORTH I now go. :confused: :confused: :confused: