Is there a conflict between libraries for VL53L0X

Dear Sirs!

    I am using a POLOLU-2490 VL53L0X sensor

The sensor is connected to the Arduino Mega 2560. Used by IDE 1.8.7.

With this sensor, I measure the distance. Since I’m new, I have
there are a few questions. and I ask for help.

   Please tell me
  1. Where is the description of the Pololu library commands for the VL53L0X distance sensor that can be used from the Arduino IDE. It is desirable to have a clear and concise description of the commands with explanations and examples of use.

    Please explain

  2. If you use the VL53L0X library from Pololu in the Arduino IDE, will it work
    commands from UM2039 User Manual Doc ID 029105
    и Datasheet VL53L0X April 2018 Doc ID029104 Rev 2

As shown in these documents, these commands cannot be used from the Arduino IDE?

  1. how to use commands from
    vl53l0x-arduino/VL53L0X.cpp at master · pololu/vl53l0x-arduino · GitHub
    Нужно ли использовать другую библиотеку?
    Sincerely, Vladimir .

программа.doc (58.5 KB)
монитор порта для VL53L0X_cpp_021_english.bmp (4.3 MB)

Hello, Vladimir.

I noticed that your soldering is not good. In particular, many of your soldered joints are incompletely wetted. I recommending reheating and adding more solder so that your joints look more like the ideal joints in the picture at the top of the page in this blog post about soldering.

As for the answers to your questions: follow this link to the library reference section of the GitHub page for our Arduino library for VL53L0X. You can find the examples we have in the Examples folder. Also, our Arduino library for the VL53L0X is based off ST’s API, but not everything in their API is represented in our Arduino library. In general, if you have specific questions about commands unique to ST’s API, I recommend contacting them directly.


meaning of parameters for SPAD

Good afternoon!

  1. Yes, soldering looks ugly, but it works.

  2. What is the difference between the descriptions

Library reference

and .

Is the second section also a library from Pololu?

  1. I got acquainted with the teams from
    3.1) Library reference









lines 91 - 105 and so on


sensor.readMulti(VL53L0X::GLOBAL_CONFIG_SPAD_ENABLES_REF_0, ref_spad_map, 6);




I give an example of how the program works with these teams.

  1. Where there is a description of the operation of the sensor and the physical meaning of its parameters.
    For example, what’s the point in the SPAD settings? What are they needed for?

With best regards, Vladimir


VL53L0X__library_github_03_english.ino (18.3 KB)

(Attachment монитора порта (port monitor).bmp is missing)

It is not entirely clear what it is you are asking by “What is the difference between the descriptions” and “Is the second section also a library from Pololu?” Your first link is to our library’s documentation, which is also displayed on the main page of the GitHub repository, while your second link is to one of the source files in the library. If that does not answer what you are asking, can you try rewording your questions or explaining more?

As for your other question, we do not have much experience with using those SPAD registers. The VL53L0X datasheet suggests more information can be found inside the UM2039 API user manual, which is available for download on ST’s web page for the VL53L0X. If you want to know more about those settings, I recommend posting on ST’s forum.