Is the "AR-3606HB" a 360º or continuous servo?

Does this servo have potentiometer and stop to 360 ° or it’s a continuous rotation servo?
I’m looking for servos that rotate more than 180 degrees with potentiometer (to make it easier to set positions and stops. I’m a beginner and I wouldn’t know how to set positions in a continuos servo).

Hi Kevin,

could you tell me how to set positions in a continuous servo SM-S4303R
I got several of them and I need to stop them in different angles.




I combined your posts since they are both similar in nature and can be addressed at the same time. Both of those servos are continuous rotation servos, so they cannot do position control. You might be able to use external limit switches in your setup to allow stopping at pre-determined positions with a continuous rotation servo, but you would need some external logic to control the servos with that feedback. You might find using a multi-turn servo (sometimes called a “Sail Winch Servos”) easier. They still use built-in potentiometers for position control like a standard servo, but typically have a range of motion of a few turns. We do not carry any sail winch servos, but you can probably find them with a brief Internet search.

Since this is a new area for you, you might find this series of blog posts about servos helpful for understanding the different types of servos and how they work:


Hello Derril,

Thanks by your reply.