Is shipping to Canada a problem?

I wondered if anyone here has ordered Pololu products to be shipped to Canada. I can order parts for a Zumo bot controlled by a Raspberry Pi B+ from a Canadian distributor, but the Zumo is out of stock and not shipping till the end of the month. Also, I don’t think this distributor carries products like the DRV88835 Drive kit for Raspberry Pi nor the 5V StepUp/StepDown voltage regulator to have it powered without USB to the Pi.

I have everything I need in my shopping cart on Pololu, but I also read that International orders can take 6 weeks if held up by customs.

Is that something Canadians have to worry about? Has anyone from Canada ordered stuff here before?

Otherwise, I’ll have to buy some parts from a distributor and other parts from Amazon or something.

Thanks for your help. A search on the forum for “Canada” and “Shipping to Canada” had no results.

Hello, Tigerrune.

It will be your responsibility to check with your country’s customs office in case there are any restrictions, taxes, fees, or other considerations that you will have to handle before importing goods into your country. We only pass the shipment on to the shipping company, so we do not deal with customs directly.

However, in general we have not heard of any major problems with packages being shipped to Canada. Packages sent by FedEx in particular usually seem to clear customs very quickly.


Thanks Derril, I appreciate the feedback!