Is Pololu USB AVR programmer compatible with Arduino 'burn bootloader' function in IDE?

Would your USB AVR Programmer v2.1 be suitable for rewriting the bootloader of a 3.3V powered Arduino board (MEGA32U4 processor) using the Arduino IDE? I’ve messed up the boot loader on two Qduino boards. I think a command I included in my code to turn off the TX and RX leds for power saving has compromised the boot loader.

I saw a note in the [AVR Progammer’s v2.0 User’s Guide section 5.4] titled “AVR programming using the Arduino IDE”. It says “We do not expect this tutorial to be useful for typical Arduino-compatible boards, which usually come with a bootloader”. But that’s the problem, I’m pretty sure I need to rewrite the bootloader.

I can’t use other ISP programmer solutions I have on hand because they are not truly 3.3V compatible. I’m having trouble and I assume it’s because I need an ISP programmer that truly does 3.3V levels. And is compatible with the Arduino IDE’s feature to ‘burn bootloader’.

Is the item #3172 AVR programmer known to be compatible with the Arduino burn bootloader feature in the IDE?

Thank you.


The Pololu USB AVR Programmer v2.1 is a general purpose AVR programmer, so you can use it to burn a bootloader. Whether it will work with a Qduino from the Arduino IDE depends on the details of how the Qduino board is defined in its boards.txt file, and we have not tried it ourselves.

- Patrick