Is it possible to use wixels as inputs on a Maestro?

I was wondering if it would be possible to use a pair of wixels to get rid of wires on a system in which a Maestro reads some buttons.

For instance: Would it be possible to connect the receiver Wixel to a Maestro so it simulates the behaviour of a push button depending on the signal received from anothe wixel that has a push button connected to it? Would it be possible to do the same with multiple buttons/Wixels?

Would it be possible to link a Wixel by UART to a Maestro?


Hello vindiu. The answer to both questions is yes. This is exactly what the Wixel’s I/O Repeater App was designed for, so you can just use that app and you wouldn’t have to write any Wixel code:

Please note that the Wixel’s outputs only go up to 3.3 V instead of the 5 V you would normally get from a pushbutton on a Maestro so you may have to modify your code some to work with the Wixel if you have set your threshold voltage too high.

You could also use the Maestro’s UART to connect to the Wixel, but that would require more work. Please see my other response to you: