Is it possible to cconnect multiple lis3mdl sensors to esp32?

Hi, I plan to display the data from these sensors on the LCD screen at the same time. I suspect I can’t use the i2c and spi buses since the same sensors have the same addresses. Apart from the i2c and spi methods, is it possible to connect the sensors to the esp32 pins normally? Any other suggestions for solving the problem?


Using I²C mode you can connect up to two LIS3MDL magnetometers to the same bus since their address is configured by the voltage on the SA1 pin. SPI mode supports connecting more sensors to the same bus, but each sensor requires a unique I/O from your microcontroller connected to the CS pin. You can find more information in the LIS3MDL carrier product page description under the “I2C communication” and “SPI communication” headers.

- Patrick

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Thanks Patrick for answere.

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