Ir sensor

Hi I found this lil sensor -> sharp GP2Y0E03 and I can.t make it work as I want.

I connected VDD to 5v GND and the oscilloscope at VOUT and i didn.t get anything except noises. When i connected the GPIO1 pin to 5v it gave me only some spikes whenever the sensor detected something, but i need to get constant output whenever the object is in my face.

Can i do it without i2c? I only need the analog output.


We do not carry that Sharp sensor, so we are not very familiar with how it works, and cannot support it. I recommend looking through the datasheet for that sensor for information on how to connect it and get output from it. I took a brief look at the sensor’s datasheet, and noticed that the absolute maximum voltage allowed on the GPIO1 pin is 3.6V, so you might have damaged your sensor by supplying 5V to that pin.