Ir Sensor with 11 reading

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We need a sensor which have 11 sensors that i need to connect to arduino , please advice with sensor and arduino library that should connect

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It sounds like you might be asking if we have an eleven sensor version of our QTR reflectance sensor array. We have a wide selection of reflectance sensor arrays, including some with eleven sensors. You can view our full selection of QTR reflectance sensors here:

If you are not asking about our QTR sensor arrays, can you please clarify your inquiry?

- Patrick

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Dear Patric
Thanks for the reply and Sorry for delayed reply

I when through the link that you have provided and also libraries , SO there is no and arduino library that support for 11 sensor , Only 5 sensor support

Please can you send the link of library that support 11 sensor

Thanks in advanced

You can use our library to write a program that reads 11 sensors, but we do not have a specific example for that. I recommend you study our library and example scripts to learn how they work and then adapt them for what you need. (Specifically, look at the setSensorPins() command and the SensorCount constant in that example; they configure the number of sensors.) If you run into any specific issues you can post the code you are testing and ask us about it.

- Patrick