Ir Sensor Library for 3pi


I am planing to add wall follower robot using 3pi . For this I should connect Ir Transmitter and receiver to 3pi. I am planing to use pololu Zumo Ir receiver and transmitter which are used to detect object . Therefore please advice how should I add zumo Ir library with 3pi robot library

Above Ir sensor mean ir base Proximity Sensors which are zumo is using

I would grate for this help


You will have to write/modify code in order to get the infrared sensors to work on the 3pi. If you are programming your 3pi through the Arduino IDE it might be helpful to use our Zumo 32U4 proximity sensor class and to look through our “LineAndProximitySensors” example sketch. You can see the Zumo 32U4 proximity sensor class reference here.