IR beacons?

When will the new version for the IR beacons be available? The last post I see says that they should be available at the end of April. Any news?
I do have ONE of the old IR beacons…I just need a PAIR! If ANYONE has another one of these parts and is willing to sell, please contact me!


We continue to expect the new beacons to be available soon, but we do not have an exact date. When do you need the beacons? I might be able to get you some pre-production units sooner than the full release.

- Jan

As soon as possible! Will the features be very similar to the old version? I’m definately interested.
Thank you!

Is there an “approximate” expected availability date?


Unfortunately, we do not have an expected availability date, but we expect it to be soon. (This product is a relatively low priority, so when other projects get behind schedule, work on the beacon gets bumped back.) If the current hardware revision works, we could have production units in about two weeks. If there are problems, that could set us back about a month.

- Jan