IR beacon

The IR Beacon is buried yet I need to see the LEDs so I can see which sensor has sensed something. So I have wired a LED to another area. Is there a way so the LED is off till the sensor has been activated then the light comes on?


If the beacon is buried, it won’t work since it won’t be able to see the other beacon (or do you have the sensors wired to the outside of your project?). The LEDs are just wired to the beacon outputs, so you can add additional ones the same way (look at the schematic on the beacon page). If you want some kind of latching behavior, you should probably use separate I/O lines on your main microcontroller and wire up the LEDs to them so you can control how the LEDs operate.

- Jan

Sorry I did not make myself clear. The sensors are able to see the sensors on the other device. And yes I did attach sperate I/O lines to LEDs. When attached they are lit. Can they be wired in a way that they are off, then lit when a sensor has seen the other device?

Do you just want to invert the operation of the LEDs? The outputs are normally high, so you need to connect your LEDs the same way they are in the schematic to get them to be on when active, off when inactive.

- Jan