IR Beacon source code + data transfer

Hey there!

I have two questions regarding the IR Beacon:

  1. Using the IR transmitters/receivers on the board, is it theoretically possible to send some data between the beacons as part of their transmission?

  2. Are you able to release the source code? I know this has been asked before but since this is a pretty mature product I thought maybe this is a good time to ask this again. It would help a lot since I wish to change the code to include some basic data transfer between the beacons.

Thank you,

Hello, Nir.

We do not disclose the firmware for the IR beacons and it does not support using the IR transmitters/receivers to transfer data.


Hey Brandon,

Thank you. Sorry for not being more clear - assuming I will want to write code to pass some data from one board to another - will the current hardware support it?


Our firmware does not allow for interacting with the transmitters and receivers like that. It just drives the 4 digital outputs to indicate which detector is receiving the strongest signal. You would need to write your own firmware to do something like that.