Ir beacon level shift

Has anyone level shifted beacon to 3.3 volts?
Tried nte3220 and bs170. Getting odd results.

Could you describe the odd results are you getting? Could you also post pictures and a diagram of your level shifter circuit?

- Jeremy
Im using it on a parallax propeller 3.3v

I started with a voltage divider. Calc is 5.6k over 10k to get 3.2v @ 320ua.
Limited on that machine to 500ua input.

It meters up until you hook it to the computer. Then the ir leds each light up an the unit wont work. I went to 56k over 100k. The leds dont light but the unit doesnt work.

Does the pic put out too little current to shift?

It is not clear to me how you are connecting the IR beacon to your microcontroller. Could you please post a schematic?

- Jeremy