IR Beacon, fluorescent lights interference

I’m using an IR Beacon transceiver pair in my project
It’s for the college, a final project
The beacon works fine but the interference with fluorescent light is too big, that way when the light is on the sensor goes crazy.
I need to put sunglasses on the sensor, if you know what i mean, something that lowers that interference, i need it to work on light places.
Maybe you guys can help me, what type of material i can use to block this interference??
even if the sensor doesn’t get too far
does the fluorecent light emits IR? or its just comom light with the same frequency 50 to 60 Hz
Sun light interferes too

Thanks a lot


The IR sensor modules already include IR filters. I think the problem is that some types of fluorescent lights emit the same kind of IR (same light wavelength, same modulation frequency), and there’s not much you can do about it. Sometimes, shielding the sensors from direct view of the lights can be enough to make things work (that’s why they are on the bottom of the PCB).

The sunlight issue is probably separate, as the brightness makes the beacons too dim by comparison for the sensors to see. What kind of interference are you getting, and in what environment (i.e. are you outside, or is the problem from sunlight through a window, etc.)?

- Jan