IR beacon compatible with distance sensors?

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I was wondering whether the Pololu IR beacons and the Sharp distance sensors can be used in the same project, or does the IR from the beacon interfere with the distance sensors, or vice versa? Should I be using ultrasonic distance sensors instead?

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The beacons can work with the Sharp distance sensors, though there likely will be some impact on performance. In typical applications where both are used together, the beacons are higher up on a mast, while any distance sensors are pretty low. The results would probably be worse if you aim the two kinds of devices at each other, but we don’t have that characterized. This IR beacons can be a little touchy, and there are a lot of variables (e.g. maybe the range will be some amount lower under some lighting conditions if you have a lot of Sharp sensors).

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Thanks for the answer, I’ll let you know how it turns out eventually.

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